You expect a job well done. We do too.

Being a home or business owner, you may have questions about professional landscape maintenance. The experts at Citilawns LLC in Redding, CA have answered some of your frequently asked questions about our lawn care and landscaping services. If you don’t see your questions answered below, be sure to contact us directly.

1) How high do you mow my grass?

It depends on the type of grass.  We mow up to 3 inches.  We should cut no more than 1/3 of the grass height.  Note:  There are exceptions for some warm grasses such as Bermuda, Centipede and Bentgrass that grow more dense at lower mower settings.

2) How do you get rid of a bumpy lawn?

We can fill in low spots with a one quarter inch layer of topsoil or sand.  We may have to gradually fill in a low spot to avoid smothering the grass.  Another alternative is to lift the sod with a shovel, add sand or topsoil and replace the sod.

3) My lawns looks dead, will it come back?

Probably.  Stressed grass goes dormant in heat and drought, but it usually doesn't die.  A couple of heavy soakings should bring it back quickly.  Extended periods of drought can cause permanent damage to the grass.  Stressed grass allows weeds to flourish.

4) Why are weeds coming up in my lawn?

Millions of dormant weed seeds are in your lawn waiting for an opportunity to germinate.  Mostly they come up when your lawn is stressed (say for lack of water) and then watering is resumed and up come the weeds.  It is best to be consistent in your lawn maintenance.

5) What is the evidence of Grubs?

Damaged or dead patches will appear in mid summer through September.  Typically, the grass will pull away like a piece of carpet.  Once you move the grass away the Grubs will be right there, on the surface.  Real damage can occur when there are just a few Grubs per square feet and some spots can have several Grubs per square feet. Grubs and other insects can be treated to keep them under control.

6) How do you get rid of the weeds?

Weed seeds are carried by wind & birds, among other things.  There are millions of seeds lying dormant in soil, waiting for proper amount of light, heat and water to germinate.  Annual weeds that grow from seed can be prevented with the application of a pre-emergent herbicide prior to seed germination.  There are pre-emergent herbicides that prevent many perennial type broadleaf weeds.  If weeds appear, we can apply a post-emergent herbicide or pull the weeds by hand.


We offer three packages for residential and commercial landscape management. The fees will vary with size of yard etc. 

  1. Basic - Mow, Edge, Blow
  2. Upgraded - Includes Above Plus Fertilizing, Weed Spray, Shrub Trimming and Seasonal Cleanup
  3. Custom Designed Plan

If you have more questions, please contact us!