Irrigation Services


If you want your lawn to look it's best at all times then you need to make sure that it is properly watered. It can be a real chore to have to water your lawn by hand and this is where a lawn irrigation system from CitiLawns can help. An irrigation system can also help to reduce the amount of tap water that is used on your lawn. We have a whole range of services available which makes it easy to find one that will suit you and your budget.  
If you are in the process of having your garden landscaped and want to include an irrigation system as part of this then we recommend that you contact us before your gardener starts work. We are able to work with the landscaping company to make sure that any irrigation system is installed at the same time as your new lawn, ensuring it is correctly watered right from the beginning. We can also discuss the best way to keep as much of the system hidden as we can so that your garden continues to look as good as possible. 
There are several factors that can influence what type of lawn irrigation system that you may need such as the climate of your area and the type of soil that you have. We will take all of these factors into account when we make our recommendations about what sort of system will work best for you. Our expertise in lawn irrigation systems means that we are able to make these judgments fairly quickly but we are always happy to explain to you the reasons why we are recommending a particular system. 

Irrigation Repairs & Maintenance

Once your system has been installed then it is likely to benefit from regular maintenance. This means that the system can be checked to ensure that it is in good working order. The main advantage of this service is that any problems with the system can usually be detected before they become too severe and these problems will be much easier to rectify and usually much cheaper. Irrigation system maintenance is a service that CitiLawns is able to offer even if we did not install your system. We will be able to give you an idea of how regular these checks should be carried out with just basic information such as the age of the system and whether there have been any previous repairs carried out. 
The right lawn irrigation system can save you money on your water bill because it reuses water very efficiently and so you do not have to worry about using a lot of water from your tap for the system to work. This reclaimed water is perfectly safe to use on your lawn and it will not harm it in anyway. CitiLawns believe that all of our irrigation systems are very competitively priced but when you take these savings into account then they become even better value for money. We have so many different options that are available to you that you are sure to find the right system at the right price. 

Professional Irrigation Services

CitiLawns have many years of experience in landscaping services, including lawn irrigation, and it is this experience which sets us apart from other companies. We offer a professional service from the point that the quote is made right through to the installation of the system. If you want an informal chat about what difference a lawn irrigation system can make to your garden then please contact us today. It is so important that your lawn irrigation system is installed by a professional company such as ourselves. Even with the best intentions, installation by someone who is inexperienced can cause a lot of damage to your lawn and possibly to the system itself.