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Commercial Landscaping Services


Is your commercial property looking less attractive than you would like because of high grass, weeds, and overgrown beds? Allow us to provide you with superior commercial landscaping maintenance in Redding!

Maintaining a commercial landscape is typically not something a business owner wants to have to struggle with. That is why we offer commercial landscaping services for our customers. We take care of all of the work while you enjoy the benefits of having your property look impeccable and inviting all year long. We specialize in commercial lawn care and provide a wide array of services so our customers can rest assured their landscaping maintenance needs are taken care of. We can work out your maintenance schedule to fully meet your needs so we only show up when you want us there!
Our industry leading expertise and consistent customer satisfaction have allowed us to rise above the rest and provide our customers with the services they need, at a reasonable price they can afford. Why settle for amateur services when you can have the best?
We offer business owners the following services:
* Lawn maintenance
* Bed maintenance
* Landscape services
* Pest management
* Weed management
* Fertilization
* Irrigation services

We are fully dedicated to providing superior services for business owners in the Redding area. Our commercial lawn services in Redding give you time to focus on what is important to you instead of worrying about your company's landscape appearance. 


We provide you with a superior landscaping service by first discovering your company's lawn care needs!
We start by meeting with you to go over your needs and survey your property so we can offer suggestions of what it will take to keep it maintained and looking its best. You decide on the services you want and how often you want them carried out and then we show up as scheduled and get the job done on time, every time.

lawn mower cutting a lawn

Seasonal services keep your landscape beautiful all summer long!

Our commercial lawn care services include both seasonal and full-service options. Our seasonal services begin with a thorough spring cleanup, before the warm weather hits. This includes freshening any mulch areas, trimming back overgrowth, and preparing for spring planting.
You will never have to worry about high grass and an overgrowth of weeds because your lawn services are carried out on schedule.

Once the warm weather begins, our weekly maintenance program keeps your company's lawn mowed so it always looks immaculate. We can help you avoid that burnt-out dead grass that often happens by mid-summer and makes your business look unattractive. 

Our Full-Service Program Is Ideal For Companies

With our full-service program, we visit your property before each new season begins and identify any problem areas that need to be addressed. Our goal is to ensure your property looks its best and your grass and plant life is as healthy as possible all year long. It is our pleasure to use our expert skill to create the beautiful landscape our customers want!
As a business owner, you have more important duties than to worry about mowing the lawn or getting rid of weeds. We understand how hectic running a business can be and we are glad to take away this burden for our customers. We are truly customer-service driven and treat each and every customer like they were our only one!

Contact Us Today!

If you are a business owner and in need of commercial landscaping maintenance in Redding, give us a call right away! Our operators are standing by to answer your questions and give you the information you need to get started. We will be happy to visit your location and go over your commercial lawn care needs so we can set up your desired schedule. 
Our customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself and we are here to proudly serve you and take care of your commercial landscaping maintenance in Redding. Whether you simply want your lawn mowed each week or you want our full-service program, we are here to provide you with the superior and reliable services you need so your business property looks its best. 
Leave the back-breaking work to us and enjoy the beauty of your commercial landscape all year long. Now is the perfect time to set up a lawn maintenance schedule so your property looks its very best!